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2013-01-29 11:18:29
By Marten
For people who have been around with the "Dalines" universe since the beginning of time (1999) this might sound familiar; I have recently picked up an old project of mine, back in 2003 this was called "Gods".

The project is an MMO, it contains strategy and simulation elements, as well as very basic RPG stuff. I started it in 2003 with a friend and resurrected it once before in 2008. The past few weeks I have completely refactored and written down a lot of elements in the hope I can actually get something nice running.

For more information please see the official Sanctorium: Gods of Dalines site and more importantly the Empyreal Engine development website.

The Empyreal Engine is the server which runs the game:

The idea is to allow all kinds of different clients to implement their own (visual) interpretation of the game. The default client will most likely not be the most popular one as I hope other developers who are more artistic than I, will create beautiful worlds where you can explore or even do mini games.

My skills as a visual artist are rather limited, I can make a logo and that's about it, but I have ideas on how I'd like to show my version of Sanctorium. In case you have great artistic skills and would like to help out with the default Client, please send me a Direct Message on twitter @sanctoriumgame.

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