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2014-05-31 21:05:30
By Marten
Below are the patch notes for the latest release of Empyreal. It's a release, please note that the changelog does not provide all the minor balance fixes. Next stop, 0.6 - Horae's Requisition.

0.5.1 - Vinvella's Protraction

Iteration over all the cards and see which ones are fun and which ones required changes.

  • ADDED Rewards for Achievements (Empyros).

  • IMPLEMENTED Zombie King achievement.
  • IMPLEMENTED Nebuchadnezzar II achievement.
  • IMPLEMENTED Divine Divinity achievement.
  • IMPLEMENTED Supreme Saviour achievement.

  • UPDATED Endeavor for Wealth, changed rewards from casting.

  • FIXED Consecration, no longer tries to increase Faith on Devouts.
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