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2015-09-08 09:26:16
By Marten
It's been a while since the last update. But there is some news; all the Dalines websites were moved to a new server over the weekend. This includes the Sheetgen, Empyreal and Sanctorium sites.

The Lithium beta chats have been abandoned and have now emerged at beseen.chat. The original BeSeen Clones will gradually be merged with the new service.

If you feel like chatting with me or having questions about any of the sites come join the General Chat at beseen.chat, its a fun experience in which you can gain levels and play a card game while chatting.

Also, for the Sheetgen community, there still is no Password recovery option. Sorry.

In case you encounter any broken links/images please let me know on Twitter @dalines_! Thanks.

Note: See NewsArchive for older news.